On the Go Cleveland MS Products and Services

On the Go Convenience Stores maintains a huge selection of products and services for our customers here in the Mississippi Delta. So, whether you’re looking for delicious hot food, snacks, candy, beer, tobacco or fuel, we have what you’re looking for and we’ll get you in and out fast at On the Go. Scroll below to find out more information about the products and services we offer.

Hot Deli Food

On the Go Best Fried Chicken in Cleveland MS

We begin each day at 6:00 a.m. serving hot food and have the best breakfast in Cleveland, MS. Piping hot biscuits, grits, sausage and eggs – YUM! Our huge, mouthwatering burgers come dressed your way. Our Chicken on a Stick is legendary in the Mississippi Delta! Our chicken dinners, gizzards, livers and hot wings are fried to golden, crispy perfection. And, don’t forget to add some potato logs!

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Cold Beverages

On the Go Cleveland MS Coldest Drinks

If you’re looking for milk, juice, energy drinks, soft drinks, lemonade, cold coffee, sweet tea – we’ve got it! Our fully stocked beverage coolers provide our customers with the maximum drink choices. You want water? We’ve got a fantastic selection of spring waters and sparkling waters including best sellers Bai, Evian, Core, Deja Blue, Propel and Aquafina! Of course, all your favorites like RC, Dr. Pepper, 7up, Nehi, Red Bull, Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Gatorade are here, too. In fact, it’s all here at On the Go Cleveland and Boyle!

Cold Beer

On the Go Coldest Beer in Cleveland MS

We have the COLDEST beer in Cleveland, Mississippi at the best prices! Our Beer Cave temperature is set below freezing at 28 degrees and stays fully stocked with your favorite adult beverages year round! Check out our large selection of premium beers, craft beers, popular beers, imported beers, wine coolers, flavored malt beverages and spiked seltzers. We have singles, six packs, 12 packs and suitcases in cans or bottles. Perfect for the house, river or the lake. Come to On the Go for the best beer selection in Cleveland. Don’t forget the ICE!

Coffee and Hot Drinks

On the Go Cleveland MS Coffee

Are you looking for the best coffee in Cleveland, Mississippi? Look no further than On the Go! On the Go serves 100% Columbian coffee offering our customers one of the most flavorful coffee experiences in the Delta. We have a selection of flavored creamers so you can personalize your hot beverages. Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate round out our hot beverage selections and our flavors include White Chocolate, French Vanilla, Swiss Mocha, English Toffee and Hot Chocolate.

Food, Snacks and Household Products

On the Go Cleveland MS Candy

On the Go has just about everything you’re looking for when the craving hits – pizza, chicken on a stick, ice cream, candy bars, chips, nabs, beef jerky – you name it! What about basic staple items? Got milk? We do too! Get it at On the Go and you’ll be in and out fast when compared to all those national chain stores and supermarkets. Got a fever or a cold? On the Go has a large selection of allergy, cold and flu medicines, antacids for tummy aches and ibuprofen for headaches. On the Go is truly your local neighborhood store for Cleveland’s West side.

Gasoline, Ethanol-free and Diesel Fuels

On the Go Cheapest Gas in Cleveland MS

On the Go offers a full line of premium and unleaded gasoline and high speed diesel fuel pumps at both of our locations. We also feature non-ethanol unleaded at the On the Go Cleveland location. Our brand new, state of the art gas pumps are fast, customer friendly and very easy to use. And for added convenience, we accept all the most popular credit and debit cards when paying at the pump.

Mississippi Lottery Tickets

Buy Mississippi Lottery Tickets

On the Go is the best place in Cleveland to buy Mississippi Lottery tickets. So whether you’re playing Powerball, Mega Millions, Megabucks, Pick 3, Pick 4 or any of the multitude of local scratch off games, stop by the On the Go lottery kiosk in Cleveland or Boyle to purchase your tickets. It will be our pleasure to sell you that million dollar lottery ticket. Today could be your lucky day!

Follow this link for more information about the Mississippi Lottery.

Tobacco Products

On the Go Cleveland MS Cheapest Tobacco

On the Go Cleveland and On the Go Boyle both have a large selection of cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco products especially for our tobacco customers. We offer the most competitive prices in the Cleveland, Mississippi market on cigarette packs and we make it a point to feature all the special promotional tobacco packages. If we don’t have your brand or flavor in stock we will do our best to get it for you. Just ask one of our friendly cashiers!

Other Services

On the Go Cleveland MS ATM Machine

Do you need some cash fast? We have an ATM machine at both locations when you need a little spending money. On the Go also maintains a selection of oil and preventive maintenance products at our stores in Cleveland and Boyle. If you need air for your tires, feel free to pull in to On the Go and use our air machines. We have an air machine on the south side of our On the Go Cleveland store and On the Go Boyle features a heavy duty air compressor for large trucks.

Live Full at On the Go!

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